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British Western Red Cedar Cladding

£42.50 + VAT per square metre

Locally sourced, reasonably priced and machined in our Somerset workshop.

  • Lightweight (density of 390kg/m3)

  • Good insulation

  • Insect repellant

  • Durable (resistant to moulds)

  • Cost-effective

  • British-grown product

Our Western red cedar sawn boards are bought in fresh-sawn and then air-dried in our storage facility before being machined into stock or bespoke profiles

We keep large stocks of sawn boards drying under cover in airy barns.

A limited supply of 'seconds' and offcuts is available at a discount price of £28 + VAT

Boards can be machined to stock profiles or custom machined to your specification.



An environmentally-friendly choice:

  • Reduction in freight miles

  • No need for chemical preservatives

  • Sustainably sourced

  • Good insulating properties

Cedar cladding: My Products

Siberian and Local-grown British larch are also stocked here at Taunton Oak and can provide a durable and reasonably-priced alternative to British or American Western Red Cedar cladding. 

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